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Karl A. Schultz

Karl A. Schultz is one of the world’s leading speakers on Catholic biblical and men's spirituality, pastoral care, and Christian potential fulfillment

He is known worldwide for his expertise in Lectio Divina, the ancient model of prayerfully reading the Bible. 

Karl presents workshops and retreats throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Karl has appeared numerous times on EWTN and hosted the teaching series “Lectio Divina: Sharing the Word with the Holy Family” which re-airs frequently.

Karl has published 22 books on Catholic and biblical spirituality. 

Karl has integrated spirituality in a way that helps us find ourselves and God.

Fr. Scott Seethaler, O.F.M. Cap.

A resident of Daytona Beach, Karl A. Schultz gives presentations, missions, and retreats to a variety of audiences on a breadth of pastoral care, catechetical, and biblical topics. He is especially active in diaconal continuing education and men’s and biblical ministry. He has published twenty-two books and numerous articles in both popular and professional journals, and has appeared on EWTN numerous times. He hosted the EWTN teaching series “Lectio Divina and the Holy Family.”

Karl is one of the leading American Catholic writers and speakers on lectio divina, St. Joseph, St. Paul VI, Theology of the Body, the idolatry and spirituality of sports and exercise, and male spirituality and marginalization. He is the originator of the “Pope-ular”, Little Victories approach to Christian formation and development, an alternative to overly simplistic and superficial contemporary models. Instead of dumbing down, he delineates a “wising up” approach rooted in biblical wisdom literature and Gospel spirituality. His most recent work focuses on the idolatrous ideologies and paradoxical symmetries of feminism and machismo in light of the biblical creation narratives and pastoral experience.

Schultz is known for his enthusiastic promotion of the “golden age of biblical studies” in the Church, and particularly of the ministry and resources of Cardinal Carlo Martini, S.J., the leading post-conciliar proponent of biblical spirituality and ministry, and recipient of the endorsement of four popes.

Schultz has lectured in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and throughout the United States. His work has been endorsed by many bishops, scholars, and pastoral leaders. He is available to diocese, parishes, and groups for formation in pastoral care and biblical spirituality and studies. He can be contacted at (386) 323-3808.

For more information about Karl's books, e-books, videos, and articles, visit www.KarlASchultz.com 

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