Milan Masters

St. Paul VI and Cardinal Martini

St. Paul VI, Prophet and Pope of Modernity

St. Paul VI's teachings, gestures, and innovations are essential for understanding the modern papacy and Church. He remains amazingly relevant as a spiritual master, teacher, and prophet. Benedict XVI called his implementation of Vatican II “almost superhuman” and Francis referred to him as “the pope of modernity.”

As his successors have noted, we cannot interpret, assimilate, and properly implement Vatican II without understanding St. Paul VI. Misconstrued and assailed during his papacy, as is the lot of prophets, he is an essential guide for reading the signs of the times. St. Paul VI’s timeless refrains, gestures, and exhortations can inspire and motivate us to be our best.

Cardinal Martini

Archbishop from 1980-2002, Cardinal Martini was the most prominent, influential, and accessible post-conciliar biblical scholar and proponent of biblical study, spirituality and ministry. He offers a practical blueprint for the lectio-driven “new spiritual springtime” advocated by Benedict XVI in 2005

Utilizing Martini's books, methods, and articles (courtesy of the Catholic Biblical Federation), we will help participants learn to personalize and adapt his biblical and pastoral acumen. His ability to integrate prayer, study, discernment, pastoral care, and apostolic action in an accessible manner is unparalleled. Martini's teachings and methods are relevant to persons at all levels of biblical familiarity, and his incisive writings are conducive to proactive rather than passive assimilation and application.

We will situate the Milan Masters within the framework of subsequent magisterial teachings, synods, and pastoral needs.

Talks and retreats are presented to deacons and wives, priests, those in ministry, parishes, young adults.