Karl will draw you into your response to God joyfully,
so that you cannot wait to reach for your Bible again and again.

- Rev. Timothy Fitzgerald, C.P., S.T.D. St. Paul Monastery, Pittsburgh PA

Books By Karl A. Schultz

How to Pray
With the Bible

The Ancient Prayer Form of Lectio Divina Made Simple

Pope Saint Paul VI

A Pictorial Retrospective

Pope Paul VI

Christian Values and Virtues

Prophet and Pilgrim of Peace

99 Sayings by Pope St. Paul VI

The How-To Book of the Bible

Everything You Need to Know But No One Ever Taught You

The Art & Vocation of Caring for People in Pain

Calming the Stormy Seas of Stress

Becoming Community

Biblical Meditations and Applications in Modern Life

Journaling with Moses & Job

A Christian Personal Growth Path

Job Therapy

Personal Energy Management

A Christian Personal and Professional Growth Program and Workbook

Where Is God When You Need Him?

Sharing Stories of Suffering With Job and Jesus: From Easy Answers to Hard Questions

St. Joseph Guide to the Bible

Becoming Comfortable with the Bible in Four Simple Steps

St. Joseph Guide to Lectio Divina

Sharing the Word with the Holy Family

Bearing the Unbearing

Coping with Infertility and Other Profound Suffering


With Moose Manners, The Courteous Cow

How to Pray With the Bible

The Ancient Prayer Form of Lectio Divina Made Simple

“How to Pray with the Bible” is an accessible and stimulating explanation of lectio divina (prayerful reading of the Bible with our whole selves).

“How to Pray with the Bible” explains the Church’s official and oldest model for prayerfully reading Scripture and other spiritual writings. It discusses the process as a whole along with individual components, and offers reflection questions and applications for personal assimilation. 160 pages


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