Parish Missions

Presentations, Missions and Retreats

A New Spiritual Springtime in the Church

A Year-Long Celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God

Bringing Verbum Domini and Aperuit Illis to Life

You Can Understand the Bible

How to Read, Pray, and Interpret the Bible Like the Pros

A Bible Boot Camp with the Popes

Cutting Edge Basic (and Advanced) Training in Biblical Spirituality

Don’t Knock the Rock

In Solidarity with Francis and the Papacy

Lectio on Sexio with the Popes

The Greatest Stories Ever Told: From Adam & Eve to Mary and Joseph

Theology of the Body, Up to Date and Down to Earth

Go to Joseph!

Spirituality and Sanctity in the Shadows with the Silent Saint

Matthew's Model of Discipleship, Masculinity, and Collaboration

Montini & Martini, The Milan Masters

Mystics, Models & Mentors

St. Paul VI: Pilgrim, Prophet, Peacemaker, and Bridge-Builder

Pondering the Pope of Modernity and the Council

Christian Initiation and Formation in the Gospels

Bridging the Old and New Evangelization and Catechetics

Matthew, the Catechetical Gospel of the Church

Discipleship, Honor, and (Com) Passion in the First Gospel

Why Do the Just (We) Suffer and the Evil Prosper?

Conflict, Care-giving, and Compassion-Consolation in Job

Finding Joy and Hope Amid Sorrow

The Beatitudes in Biblical Times and Ours

The Limits of Forgiveness

Life Changing Parables

Profound Parallels Between the Prodigal Son and Unforgiving Servant Parables

Christian Wellness and Potential Fulfillment

Time, Stress, and Life Transformation (not management!)

When Two Hands and Twenty-Four Hours Aren’t Enough

Personal Energy Management and the Personal Energy Manager Rainbow Planner

Christian Perfection According to the Rabbis and Fathers

Journeying and Journaling on the Mosaic Life Stages

The Spirituality and Saga of Single Life

Prophetic Pain and Passionate Possibilities

Bearing and Sharing the Cross of Loneliness Daily

A Holy and Healthy Approach to Sublimating Tensions and Negative Energies

Transforming Temptations into Trials with the Prophets and Saints

Bearing the Unbearable

Coping with Biological, Functional, and Vocational Infertility

Being and Giving the Best of Ourselves

Faith for the Young and Young at Heart

Giving the Best of Yourself

The Spirituality of Sports and Exercise

One Act Plays on Paul VI, St. Joseph, Heartbroken Prophets, and Gospels Heroines

Wising Up Rather Than Dumbing Down

Becoming Pope-ular Rather Than Popular

Little Victories Along the Little Way

I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me

Emmanuel Evangelization the Matthean Way

The Spirituality and Morality of Opening Doors