Men's Ministry

Karl's Men's Ministry based on St. Joseph, Adam and Eve, Theology of the Body, and Active Collaboration

Men's Ministry

Karl A. Schultz has lectured all over the world and to a variety of audiences: health-care, corporate, education, government, hospital, hospice, support group, retreat centers, parishes, diocese, diaconates, priests and bishops, and men's and women's groups and conferences.

Karl is one of the most widely published authors in the Catholic Church. He has been published by eleven different publishers and in several languages. The breadth of his writings include lectio divina, Bible study, suffering, care-giving, infertility, the three stages in the life of Moses, time management, stress management, the book of Job, the spirituality of work, the spirituality of sports, the teachings, life, and legacy of St. Paul VI, journaling, potential fulfillment, the Holy Family, St. Joseph, Theology of the Body, men and marital spirituality, the marginalization and emasculation of men, the masculinization of women, and the objectification of both sexes. He is one of the world's leading exponents of pastoral applications of lectio divina and the spirituality and model of St. Joseph and active collaboration. Karl has appeared frequently on EWTN and has hosted a teaching series on lectio divina and the Holy Family.

Karl is perhaps the most distinguished and balanced American Catholic writer and speaker on men's spirituality. He integrates humor and humility with poignant examples and anecdotes, cutting edge biblical scholarship, cultural criticism, sociological research, Theology of the Body, Church teachings on active collaboration with women, and applications of the spirituality and model of St. Joseph and St. Paul VI.

Karl has collaborated on manuscript, article, and audio-visual projects (CDs, DVDs) with some of the world's leading authorities on men's and relationship issues. His day retreats and presentations to men's conferences address the theme of the conference along with lectio divina, the spirituality and model of St. Joseph, the Church's teaching on active collaboration and the excesses of feminism, Theology of the Body, the witness and wisdom of St. Paul VI, time and stress management pointers, and the spirituality of sports.

Karl's men's group, conference, and retreat presentations are distinguished by their accessible and down-to-earth insights, formation orientation and follow-up emphases. Supplemental materials are provided prior to and after the conference to solidify and enhance the presentation experience. Karl customizes his talks and partners with sponsoring groups to help them address needs and sustain growth and progress. In his talks, he addresses the overlooked commonalities of machismo and feminism in contemporary life, and offers the Church's alternative of gender distinctiveness, active collaboration, human dignity, and reconciliation as modeled by the Holy Family and attested throughout Scripture and Tradition. Karl explicitly encourages and facilitates the input and participation of women in men's formation through a collaboratory approach.