Episcopal, Pastoral, and Scholarly Endorsements

“Lectio divina, recently promoted by Pope Benedict, is at the center of this author’s life. He practices it and has promoted it by his writings and conferences for over twenty-five years. His St. Joseph Guide to Lectio Divina shows how lectio divina is helpful for the delicate, at times volatile, gender relationships by using the model of the Holy Family. Mary and Joseph lived with the Incarnate Word of God; they can, therefore, help today’s women and men to relate to the Word of God. Mary and Joseph exemplify gender mutuality and spiritual integration, each of them in a different way. Mary reveals the dignity and possibilities of femininity by receiving the Word while Joseph teaches us about masculinity by responding to the Word.”

—Walter Vogels, M.Afr., Professor emeritus

Bible Faculty of Theology, Saint Paul University,Ottawa

“Karl Schultz’s work highlights a valuable tradition in the Church, lectio divina, which is the call to all of us to deeper reflection on the words of Sacred Scripture and, ultimately, greater holiness of life. In this “School of the Word,” the author provides a scriptural call to discernment, decision, and action. All who enter into this practice will find a real spiritual treasure.”

—Bishop David A. Zubik, Diocese of Pittsburgh

“Karl A. Schultz offers wonderful insights on the ways that Mary and Joseph can be mentors for lectio divina. Their receptivity to God’s word, their marital relationship, and their balance of the contemplative and active dimensions help us understand the holistic and creative elements within the ancient art of lectio divina.”

—Stephen J. Binz

Author of Conversing with God in Scripture:

A Contemporary Approach to Lectio Divina

“Karl Schultz continues to be a premier exponent of the joy and spiritual growth that comes from sacred reading, lectio divina. Fresh from his three month tour in Australia and New Zealand where he lectured successfully on lectio, Schultz has a slam-dunk in this excellent St. Joseph Guide to Lectio Divina. What makes his contribution so unique is its invitation to join our Blessed Lady and St. Joseph, the Holy Family, using lectio, to grow in age, grace, and wisdom before the Lord and others. We can see why Pope Benedict XVI, generously quoted by Schultz, has put such an emphasis on lectio as a spiritual instrument for our times.”

—Fr. Timothy Fitzgerald, C.P., STD

St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center, Pittsburgh, PA

“People want to find a way to pray—and many are tired of following the latest trends. Karl Schultz presents the method of the saints in a way that’s fresh and even startling. Where better to learn the ways of prayer than in the company of the Holy Family? Put this book to work. It’ll transform your life.”

—Mike Aquilina, Executive Vice President

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

“In his latest book, Karl Schultz offers not only a personal and creative exploration of lectio divina but pays welcome tribute to Cardinal Carlo Martini, S.J., a pioneer in the revival of lectio divina in our time.”

—George Martin

Founding editor, God’s Word Today

“Lectio divina has been too long ignored, even though this is a method of experiencing God that has been a time-honored way of prayer for those seeking a deep level of contemplative connection with God. Now, Karl Schultz has presented a re-discovery of lectio divina, showing how this historical form of prayer, where one seeks and reaches that core place of ‘resting in God,’ can be reached. At this level we then surprisingly discover the crucial bearing the word of God has on our lives, and on our world.

“The author’s St. Joseph Guide to Lectio Divina brings us to see that the central truth of our lives is that God passionately desires our union with Him, and that if we actually engage with God’s love, a power results that can make this world the ‘garden of paradise’ it was meant to be. If ever a book on this theme were needed, there couldn’t be a more ‘needy’ time than the present!”

—Antoinette Bosco

Author of Radical Forgiveness

“St. Joseph Guide to the Bible is sure to be a helpful resource for members of the faithful at any stage in their study of Scripture. May all who read this book draw closer in faith to the true Word of God, Jesus Christ.”

—Most Reverend Paul J. Bradley, D.D., Auxiliary Bishop of Pittsburgh

“Karl Schultz has a gift for simplifying complicated material and making it accessible. He brings the Bible close with clear definitions and explanations. The Bible is studied for what it says to the reader, not in some abstract way, but as it challenges and blesses, always within the context of the guiding Church. In his treatment of lectio divina, Schultz shows that when Scripture is fully engaged it leads to prayer.”

—Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB

Reviews on Karl A. Schultz's books on St. Paul VI

"We hope Christian Values and Virtues will contribute towards the promotion and spreading of the deep spirituality witnessed in the life and deeds of Pope Paul VI and also bring the wealth of his teachings to its readers."

Alexander M. Schweitzer, General Secretary, Catholic Biblical Federation

Pope Saint Paul VI: A Pictorial Retrospective

Prophet and Pilgrim of Peace: 99 Sayings by Pope St. Paul VI